Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Bamiyan 1973

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Bonnie Cowart - Faiziabad

Bonnie with students and friends, 1973 Posted by Picasa

Bamiyan from the head of the Budha

Looking out on Bamiyan valley.

Shar-e-gulgullah, the city of screams, where Ghengis Khan killed all the city residents because of the death of his grandson at their hands. Posted by Picasa

Remember This?

It's 1963 and we're with Entezar in class. Do you recognize the faces that belong to the backs of these heads? Wow - 42 years ago and counting!

How's this for a guess:

Susan and Dennis closest to camera.

Next row - Joan (Cherry) French?, Edith Ing? Joe Michaud, George Zoller?

Next row in - Jay McCune (or is that Edith Ing to his left?) , Beverly Anderson, Barbara Meyer, Betsy Lebenson (head on arm)?

Next row in - Vince Hutnak (don't remember who wore that bright yellow/orange plaid jacket) on the left, the Kapells on the far right?

Whaddya think?

Photos of YES 2004-2005 Students in Indiana

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Senator Lugar and Mortaza

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The way it was, Bamiyan 1973

This photo of the giant Buddha of Bamiyan was taken in 1973. Note the fields of potatoes in flower in the forground. My exchange student, Sakhi is from Bamiyan.  Posted by Picasa

Monday, January 30, 2006

YES Afghanistan Exchange Students

YES Students arrival at the Fort Wayne airport, August 2005. From left to right, Shafiqa, Arsalan, Sakhi, and Mursal. Contact terry@AfghanConnections.org for more information about the YES Afghanistan program. Posted by Picasa