Friday, November 17, 2006

"A Land Without Time" A Peace Corps Volunteer in Afghanistan

A Perfect Holiday Gift

Dear Returning Peace Corps Volunteer,

Here's a book for anyone who's been in the Peace Corps, is thinking about joining the Peace Corps, has a friend or family member on active duty, or is curious about Afghanistan. Add it to your holiday shopping list – "A Land Without Time: A Peace Corps Volunteer in Afghanistan," John Sumser.

"No other book about Afghanistan offers such a humane, sometimes humorous, and significant insight into a culture on the verge of single-handedly launching a new age of terrorism." -- Publisher, Academy Chicago Publishers

"Sumser offers a harrowing glimpse of a time and place now obliterated in the cruelty of history. Written with passion and promise, A LAND WITHOUT TIME asks us to rehumanize Afghanistan, to restore it to dignity, even if only in memory; to recall a time when young Americans came as peace makers, bearing not swords, but plowshares."

---Donna Gaines, author of Teenage Wasteland and A Misfit's Manifesto


for a review by fellow returning peace corps volunteer, Tony Zurlo.

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