Monday, June 18, 2007


Salaam FoA Student Exchange Advocates,

Placing foreign exchange students is a very challenging and difficult task. The directors with whom Terry Dougherty and I have been working have had to rely on the same local coordinators year after year to place students in the same regions. This year confirmed placements for Afghan exchange students, for the start of the school year in September, have only been made in California.

The official US State Department Afghanistan Student Exchange Program needs your help to identify local hosts and accepting schools to place our Afghan students. Please read the message below and see if you can sense the desperation in Pam's message. Please make a few calls through your network and try to find a kind and tolerant family willing to host one of these bright young high school students. RSVP to me ( with any leads. Thanks so much for your support through the early years of this special American program.

Consider contacting your local churches, synogogues and masjids to see if anyone can generate support for this important program.

Salaamat Boshene,
Tony Agnello

President, Friends of Afghanistan
Director, Schools and Futures, Inc.
Advisor, Western New York
Sister School Coalition
Peace Corps, Afghanistan 1972-75


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