Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Fwd: Afghans of "paternal language" (Indo-European)

on 7/24/07 Jacklyn EL Shaw wrote:

Dear Afghans and Friends, Peace Corps (FOA / RPCV, NPCA):

My condolences are for "all Afghans", regarding the late Mohammed
Zaher Shah, 92. To quote Faiez and King, Times (7/24/07):

"He was the last ruler in a 300 year dynasty, ascending to the throne
in 1933, after his father was assassinated. Zaher Shah was
overthrown in 1973 but returned to Afghanistan in 2002. . .
Afghanistan's last king was called 'Father of the Nation'. 'The
people were happy . . . hardships. . .now', says A. Qadir,
retired . . . "

By 1500 BC, Afghanistan, became the "established Crossroads to Asia",
with "paternal language", Indo-European (MS Omar, Ph.D-Harvard).
As a Californian and former instructor at Kabul University, I
witnessed many USA Afghan citizen refugees were from the 1979 Soviet
invasion. In 9/11, none of the 19 suicidal bombers were Afghan, so
how did most presume otherwise? Has our shared world history been

Your timely, in depth news is appreciated, including the quote of
"his unifying influence".

Jacklyn EL Shaw (M.Ed., Admin.-Author)
RPCV, 1976 and '77, at Kabul University
POB 3733
Seal Beach, CA 90740

Terry Dougherty

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