Tuesday, October 09, 2007

"16 Days in Afghanistan" release is almost here!


On 10/8/07, Gmail <hajher@g...l.com> wrote:

Dear friends; Hope all are well. Here is the good news. The 16 days in Afghanistan is only days away to head your way. My producer Mr. Methaq Kazimi and I are wondering to what extend you could help. Here is what we need to know in order to measure our financial built:

  1. How many shows we should prepare for, while visiting you?
  2. Are you considering; the Afghan community, the Churches, high schools, universities and civic organizations?
  3. How many tickets "approximately", we might be able to sell?
  4. When might be a good time to visit you?
  5. How much you think a ticket should cost?
  6. Do you think we should also seek donation?

As you are aware 50% profit is going to my village in Lugar to build a school or schools. My village of eighteen hundred people don't have a single school. Neither for boys nor for girls. Please help us with any promotional ideas.

Mohammad Hajher,

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