Monday, November 12, 2007

Fwd: Well, I think it's interesting...

Dear Connections,
I work for the Institute for Training and Development in Amherst MA,
which has a subcontract with the University of Massachusetts' Center
for International Education, which has a multi-year contract with
USAID to improve higher education in Afghanistan. A group of 20
administrators from teacher training colleges came to the US for a
study program, and I worked with them very briefly.

Most of them did not speak English and my Dari is awful, but I did
talk with several of the participants who spoke English. I mentioned
my connection with the Peace Corps in Afghanistan in the late 1960s,
and one of them who lives in Mazar-y-Sharif told me that Miss Pam had
taught him English back then. Another chimed in with his memories of
his English teacher Miss Alice, but I don't know where he is from.

This is 40 plus years hence - imagine! Good job, Pam and Alice,
whereever you are, and to everyone else - you did make a difference.

Kristina Engstrom

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