Sunday, February 03, 2008

Fwd: Google Alert - afghanistan

Did you know that Google will send you a daily summary of news about any topic?
Here's the message I got today about Afghanistan. Things seem to be going south in the "war on terror."

Perhaps it is time we tried developing the country again................

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NATO allies must do more in Afghanistan: Development Secretary
LONDON (AFP) — Britain wants some of its NATO allies to start pulling their weight more in Afghanistan, International Development Secretary Douglas ...
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Canadian takes command of troops in Southern Afghanistan - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
Marc Lessard took command Saturday of 12000 troops operating in Regional Command South in Afghanistan. "I see two priorities; firstly, to increase security ...
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New NATO commander in S. Afghanistan vows to maintain initiative ...
Xinhua - China
3 (Xinhua) -- The NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) officially transferred authority of the Regional Command in southern Afghanistan ...
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Taliban, Al-Qaeda in the shadows in eastern Afghanistan
SHARAN, Afghanistan (AFP) — Using tactics from executions to threatening late-night visits, the Taliban and their Al-Qaeda allies may work largely in hiding ...
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NATO says insurgency is not spreading in Afghanistan
International Herald Tribune - France
AP KABUL, Afghanistan: The Taliban insurgency is not spreading and 70 percent of the violence last year occurred in only 10 percent of the country, ...
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Layton wrong to admit defeat in
Toronto Star - Ontario, Canada
His erroneous reference to the history of Afghanistan and his assumption that we are doomed to repeat history is a huge disservice to our soldiers who are ...
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Report: NATO urges Germany to expand deployment in S Afghanistan
Xinhua - China
3 (Xinhua) -- NATO has urged Germany to send more troops to volatile southern regions in Afghanistan, according to a German newspaper report. ...
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Afghanistan says it appreciates efforts to save student journalist - USA
A protester holds a picture of Parwez Kambaksh during a rally against his death sentence in Kabul, Afghanistan. Afghanistan "appreciates the concern ...
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The world can't ignore the Al Qaeda and Taliban threat in Afghanistan
Christian Science Monitor - Boston,MA,USA
A triple alarm sounded on Afghanistan last week. Three reports by reputable, nonpartisan groups in the US concluded that it's a country verging on failure. ...
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Afghanistan: Kabul Siege Underscores Warlord Threat To Rule Of Law
RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty - Prague,Czech Republic
Dostum has been accused by international groups of involvement in numerous human rights abuses dating back to Afghanistan's civil war in the 1990s. ...
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By DownWithTyranny(DownWithTyranny)
Earlier in the week we looked at Afghanistan again, something most Americans have been unwilling to do. A growing crisis there will soon force our hands. The press in Canada, England and the rest of the NATO countries is alive with ...
DownWithTyranny! -

Afghanistan - A War We Can Never Win?
By Capn_Birdseye
They have no strategy for the continuing occupation of Afghanistan. They are hanging on for dear life and praying for something to turn up. Britain is repeating the experience of Gordon in Khartoum, of the Dardanelles, Singapore and ...
Wired New York Forum -

Insurgencies spread in Afghanistan and Pakistan
By bubba2
Islamic insurgents are expanding their numbers and reach in Afghanistan and Pakistan, spreading violence and disarray over a vast cross-border zone where al Qaeda has rebuilt the sanctuary it lost when the United States invaded ... Do No Evil Stories -

NATO winning battles, losing Afghanistan
By travellerev
You cannot win a war as a foreign invader in a country like Afghanistan or Iraq or Iran for that matter. But that doesn't matter to the Bush Cabal. When the wars end as all wars must end they will have made all the money they wanted to ...
All you need is a crazy rich... -

A Grim Outlook for Afghanistan
By Alex Thurston
Years of misguided strategy in Afghanistan may soon put us back at square one. As our NATO allies balk at the idea of increasing - or even maintaining - their current troop numbers, the Taliban are stepping up their attacks and inching ...
The Seminal :: Independent Media... -

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