Friday, September 26, 2008

Afghan Connections: Memorial Edition

Afghan Connections

Memorial Edition


It is my sad task, as I deliver this first edition of our new electronic newsletter, to inform you of the passing of our good friend and FoA Treasurer, Dennis (Bones) Hamilton. It seems to me somehow fitting that the vehicle bringing this news to you is a new, high tech communication. Bones never shied away from the latest tools to further his passions. I know that he would approve of Afghan Connections delivering this news to his Peace Corps friends in the quickest, cheapest way possible. He always worked to conserve financial resources so they could be put to use for the common good. This communicaton is dedicated to remembering Dennis's life of service to us and others.

The following information is provided by Dennis's good friend and collaborator in the Amman Imman: Water is Life project, Julie Snorek. As Associate Director and mentor to the founder, Ariane Kirtley, Dennis litteraly poured his heart out into this project. I know that it would please him, if you felt inclined to donate to this worthy cause as a memorial to him.

To the memory of Dennis (Bones) Hamilton, PBUH "Peace Be Upon Him"

The Dua for the departed has been said for centuries in Afghanistan. Let's offer it to our community of Peace Corps brothers and sisters in remembrance of our brother Dennis "Bones" Hamilton and in honor of the halcyon days that we shared with him (before, during or after) in the land of the great adventure of our youth. Inna lillahi wa Inna Ilahi Rajion. "May the lord grant him paradise, and offer comfort those who loved him.

From: the Executive Committee of Friends of Afghanistan

Dennis (Bones) Hamilton 1942 -2008

Dennis Raymond Hamilton 1942 - 2008

September 20, 2008

Poem for Dennis

Your Flowing Heart

dedicated to Dennis Hamilton, 1942-2008

Those who know you were not surprised

that your heart ruptured and overflowed.

We felt it flow all over us whenever we were with you.

We saw it well up on your face when you spoke,

trickle down your sleeve when you held out your hand,

and drip onto your shoulder when you rocked a baby.

Your heart seeped through your smile,

leaked into your compliments,

and soaked through your hugs.

You wrote letters about why you stand for peace

and we read your heart.

You told stories about people

who have no water,

and it was your heart

that moved other hearts to give.

You set up photo exhibits

that displayed generosity and love

residing where little else lives,

but it was your heart that

showed us generosity and love.

You even got a preacher from Texas

to invite you to his family home,

and dedicate his website to the thirsty,

only your heart, your heart.

That your heart flowed all over is no surprise,

not to friends who bathed in your love,

drenched in your generosity

and oozed in your care.

Your heart was like a boat on a river,

a vessel of safety and care

for your dear friend.

It was no surprise that

all that was in your heart

burst out.

It always did

Poem posted by Debbie on the Amman Imman Montessori blog

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