Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tolo TV, Afghanistan's most widely viewed television station. We would like for one of the first shows of the series to feature former PCVs

Ilana Weinberg
Associate Producer
America Abroad Media

I am working on a groundbreaking new series that will be produced by America Abroad Media from Washington for Tolo TV, Afghanistan's most widely viewed television station. We would like for one of the first shows of the series to feature former Peace Corps volunteers who worked in Afghanistan in the 60s and 70s, and see how some of the volunteers are still currently involved with Afghanistan. The goal of this program will be to look at US involvement in Afghanistan in a more prosperous era, compare and contrast the relationship with the US and Afghan culture, and see what has changed today.

I was hoping to learn a bit more about each of you and see if anyone would be interested in participating in the program on September 24 or 25 in our studio in downtown Washington DC? For those who might be interested, if you wouldn't mind answering a few questions below:

.When did you first go to Afghanistan?
.When did you work for the Peace Corp in Afghanistan?
.What did you do there?
.What parts of the country did you visit?
.How long were you there?
.What were your impressions of the country? Of the people?
.Have you been back to visit since 9/11?

Below is some more information about the show, America Abroad Media, and Tolo TV. I would be happy answer any further questions, and look forward to hearing back from you about your availability!

Best regards,

Ilana Weinberg

Associate Producer
America Abroad Media

More about the program:

We'll be producing approximately 26 half hour episodes in the United States on issues important to the Afghan people. The show will be hosted by Mariam A. Nawabi, a prominent Afghan-American activist, attorney, and social entrepreneur. She will be interviewing a variety of leaders, experts, writers, artists, performers and entrepreneurs, including prominent members of the U.S. foreign policy community. The show will focus on issues related to policy, education, music, the arts, health, agriculture and business. It will serve to bridge the U.S. and Afghanistan through media.

America Abroad Media, (AAM), is a non-profit, non-partisan DC based organization producing a variety of radio and television programming on key international issues. On radio, AAM's monthly program is distributed internationally by NPR Worldwide and heard on 225 public radio stations in the United States. On television, AAM's international partners include CNN Turk, Metro TV Indonesia, Geo TV Pakistan, and Tolo TV. AAM also sponsors a fellowship program providing training and reporting opportunities for visiting foreign journalists. (

Tolo TV is Afghanistan's largest television network, producing cultural, educational and informational programming viewed by millions of Afghans. It is part of the Moby Group headed by Saad Mohseni, often referred to as "the Rupert Murdoch of Afghanistan". Moby's media outlets reach about eight million Afghans daily, or 60% of the total media audience in the country. Tolo is now transmitted worldwide, making it possible for Afghans and Afghan-Americans to view its programming. At a recent National Press Club gathering, Saad Mohseni stressed the importance of freedom of speech, expression, and the rights of journalists and an independent media in Afghanistan during these challenging times.
( )

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