Thursday, February 16, 2006

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Jill Jaan Salaam,

Let your students know that we are on track to build this summer in Wardak province. Our anticipated project is especially relevant to your sixth graders; we plan to fund the conversion of an elementary school into a middle school at the Wonkhai Valley campus in Wardak. (See Also, tell them that last years' contribution from Ticonderoga is being joined with funds from a rummage sale organized by a second grader, a large contribution from a dance held by a coalition of seven high schools in the Buffalo, NY suburbs, proceeds from faculty basketball games at two different area high schools, direct contributions from students, funds from car washes and a significant contribution from Shirin Ebadi the 2003 Nobel Laureate, who offered the proceeds from an international conference on Islam and the West held in Vienna, Austria. The Ebadi contribution was made through the efforts of a former student who is now working in Europe following a year as a Fulbright Scholar.

You may also be interested in seeing if there is an interest among your students, in hosting an Afghan exchange student for next school year. It would require finding a local coordinator (you?) and then recruiting a host family and a host school district, plus a few support families and organizations to act as Aunts/Uncles etc. Ask around and see what shakes out of the bushes in there in the Northland, hey, you never know!

Also please give your students, peers and administrators my personal thanks for their interest and effort on behalf of the children of Afghanistan. We know all too well that schools can be a forum for rhetoric and ideas that go nowhere. You are providing your students with an active learning opportunity that will have powerful real world results and offer the gift of education to students who would otherwise be denied. Shakespeare said, "Action is eloquence." You, your students and your school district deserve kudos for your care, concern and action on behalf of Afghan children.

Peace, Tony

President, Friends of Afghanistan
Director, Schools and Futures, Inc.
Advisor, Western New York
Sister School Coalition
Peace Corps, Afghanistan 1972-75

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Any news from the sister school project? I am meeting with sixth graders at Ticonderoga Middle School later in Feb and would like to give them some update. The pen pals deal didn't work out for last year's class as they never heard back. So, the teacher won't be keen on that aspect, but feels the her students should make a contribution to a project in Afghanistan.

Thanks for your help.

Jill Vickers PC
Afghanistan 68-70

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