Friday, February 10, 2006

RPCV (Afghanistan) Unjustly imprisoned in Ecuador

I'm receiving emails from RPCV Ron Dizon (Afghanistan in the 70s) in Ecuador. His wife is in prison in the Galapagos on trumped up drug charges. She has been there for 11 weeks. According to Ron, she has been declared innocent by the District Attorney, but they won't release her.

Ecuador wants tourist dollars. According to Ron, Diane Dizon (RPCV Afghanistan) is the 6th tourist to have this happen. He doesn't say over what period of time. One of them was 16 and she was held for 50 days. The US consul is involved, but there is no action. Ecuador, after all, is a sovereign country. But - if this is what we can expect as tourists, maybe we should write them off as a destination.

Ron thinks the only way Diane will be released is if this gets into the news. Maybe a little blogging will help.

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