Thursday, February 02, 2006

New editor's first Editorial

Qatra, Qatra Dariab Mishawad

“Drop by drop, a river is formed.” That’s my favorite Afghan saying. It is interesting to me how many times over the last forty years that saying has been exquisitely appropriate. Nothing just happens. Every thing we experience in life is the result of specific, individual occurrences that ultimately combine as cause to have an effect. Sometimes the effect is hardly felt; sometimes it’s joyous, sometimes tragic. It’s what we do with that effect that counts.

Take, for example, an effect that is HUGE, something neither our minds nor our emotions are immediately able to come to grips with. Sometimes they are wonderful things like the birth of a child or living in another culture. Sometimes they are terrible things like the Pakistan earthquake, or Hurricane Katrina.

Have you wondered, as I have, how to deal with effects such as these? I have come to believe it is consistent action that makes the difference. It is the little drops that we do in our everyday lives that add up to the big river. It is so with us, our families and the world. As Peace Corps Volunteers, we couldn’t all build bridges, houses, or schools. Nor can we all, today, do things that make a big splash on the planet. But we can act.

If you foster a student, family or even a pet, send blankets or clothing, pray, or even give so much as a dollar, then you contribute to the billions of drops, without which there is no river of help. There are many ways we can all still help Afghanistan and its people. Some are discussed in this newsletter. There will be others in future editions. Please share your way with us. . . . The Editor (Dianne Holley)

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