Friday, December 01, 2006

Fwd: Friends of Afghanistan Digest Number 577

PeaceCorpsFriends of Afghanistan - RPCV and Friends of Afghanistan Community
Thu Nov 30, 2006 8:06 am (PST)
Terry Jaan Salaam,

I wrote to Greg a few years ago when I was looking for school construction partners in Afghanistan. After repeated contact attempts with no response from Greg or anyone from his Central Asia Institute, I had to find other NGO counterparts in country to run our educational equity projects. He admits that the administrative and organizational aspects of his work are not his best assets. I will recontact him to see if there are any projects we can work on together, especially since he is working in some of the more remote provinces that many of us served in.

Regarding the specifics of school construction, cost per room is about $7,500 and rising. After contributing to the construction of five schools, I have been advised to support Afghan education in ways that do not put us in competition with the big multi-national construction companies who are subsidized by US, Japanese, European and UN grants.
My organization is currently supporting Khris Nedam's project in Wardak. We currently have two schools under construction with two more planned.

Personally, my next project will be 'Water for Oprah's Schools." Orpah just built four schools in Samangan my Peace Corps province through HTAC "Help the Afghan Children" run by Surya Sadeed out of Washington, DC. The schools are great but they are in desperate need of a dedicated supply of water. We have about $12K raised for this project and we want to recruit hundreds of other school districts to support Oprah's educational activities in Afghanistan.

I'll keep you and FoA updated as this project gains traction. Let's really try to get in touch with Greg. He has done great things for Afghanistan and he deserves our support.
If anyone has already contacted Greg please let Terry and me know how to best get in touch.

Peace, Tony

President, Friends of Afghanistan
Director, Schools and Futures, Inc.
Advisor, Western New York
Sister School Coalition
Peace Corps, Afghanistan 1972-75

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