Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Fwd: Friends of Afghanistan Fwd: Benefit for families in Afghanistan

Date: Dec 6, 2006 2:58 PM
Subject: Friends of Afghanistan Fwd: Benefit for families in Afghanistan

For those of you in the Twin Cities area, this is an excellent program.

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Received: Wed, 06 Dec 2006 09:27:46 AM CST
From: Marita Bujold
Subject: Benefit for families in Afghanistan

Dear friend,
I would like to invite you to attend the fourth annual Festival of Music for families in Afghanistan.

The beneficiary for this year's event will be a local organization called Fifty Lanterns. [] They have partnered with Habitat for Humanity in Afghanistan to provide sustainable light source for the homes and school and clinic which are being built for a Hazara community near Masar e Sharif. This community of refugees has returned to Afghanistan in the hope of building a life there after several years in the refugee camps in Pakistan.
The mission of Fifty Lanterns is to provide high powered solar lanterns to people in regions of the world which have been isolated and damaged by war. The first fifty lanterns were delivered by co-founder photo journalist Linda Cullen to widows in Afghanistan just over a year a ago.
I attended a presentation given by Linda Cullen last month. She showed photographs of her October visit to Masar e Sharif. She delivered 150 lanterns to the community. They people were immensely grateful. Other groups had expressed a desire to help them. But no one has followed through on their promises. It was exciting and gratifying to learn that this long suffering people are beginning to build a new life. They have few resources. Their income is dependent upon the wages of the men who work as day laborers in Masar e Sharif.
But this collaboration between Habitat and Fifty Lanterns has provided them with hope and very practical help. The lanterns provide a clean, safe source of light for 10 years.

You can help Fifty Lanterns to provide light and hope. Invite a friend for a memorable afternoon of music followed by a buffet of Central Asian food. Every dollar donated will be given to Fifty Lanterns. Reserve tickets today. [See below]
Thank you!
Marita Bujold

Jane M Willard RPCV Afghanistan '72-74 PARSA CRAFTS 612/961-3489 (cell) FAX 651/695-1661

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