Friday, December 01, 2006

Other great ideas for our support

from Jane Willard

Thu Nov 30, 2006 8:55 am (PST)

waleikom salaam, Tony and Terry

I currently support Mohamed Kharoti's GreenVillageSchools in
Lashkar Gah, my old Peace Corps site. He is an Oregon doctor
from a nomadic family that was settled in Nadiali (I hope I got
that right Mohamed).
<> . His school is 50-50 girls
and boys, and he is hoping to expand to higher levels.

I also support PECA, Partnership for the Education of the
Children of Afghanistan, founded by Ghafar and Laila Lakanval who
are business people here in the Twin Cities. <> .
They have built a school in Khost, where Ghafar is from. It is
the first school in Khost to teach girls. They are also heading
up an effort to form an alliance of all the Twin City Afghan
related NGOs which include PARSA crafts and 50 Lanterns.
Finally, they are working with several other groups in Wardak.

Finally, I also support the work of Aschiana, which serves street
children in Kabul. <>

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