Wednesday, June 03, 2009

FW: Packing Party Rocks

packer 3.09

       Sunday's packing party was a huge success! Somewhere in the neighborhood of 75 - 100 people came and filled over 400 boxes (5 to six tons), with blankets, jackets, sweaters, school supplies, shoes, sweatshirts, household goods, and the most important gift for children, toys. Everyone was working so hard and moving so fast it was impossible to count how many came.

girl boxes

       Jackie Fitzpatrick delivered 100 boxes of donations from Holy Cross Elementary school, located in Santa Cruz. Sarah Casey, owner of the Handlebar toy store in Lafayette, brought a full van load of donations. She volunteered to designate her store as a drop off point, thereby lightening the burden on our porch.

       Abraham Mendoza, a news photographer from Channel 7, showed up unexpectedly, which resulted in two stories being broadcast that evening. The grass in grass roots continues to grow. Thank you Channel 7.  

       The "top gun" award goes to Deborah Hungerford, who wielded the fastest and most accurate tape gun. I have taped a few thousand boxes in my lifetime. I wouldn't dare try to keep up with Deborah, without a respirator and doctor standing by. I should have known it would be won by a woman. It's been downhill ever since women acquired the right to vote in 1920.

boxes tabledoor boxes

The Infamous Porch

     budd porch 

A thing of beauty in the eye of some beholders

        Due to an equipment failure and miscommunication, Randy and I loaded what was in our garage and on our porch into a 24ft truck, for three hours Friday night. We then unloaded the truck at midnight with the assistance of Zachary and Adib Sahar, Brad Zenoni, and Tim Johansen. They came to the rescue when called at 10:30 pm.
       Several on the way out asked, "when is the next packing party?" Not until I and a few of the core group can walk erect again. The house reeks of Ben Gay.

       This event proved once again that people will make the time. It's very reassuring! Thank you!



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