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Re: Afghan Connections - Online Newsletter


Afghan Connections

Online Newsletter

A Friends of Afghanistan publication

May 31, 2009

Publisher's Message
Dear Friend of Afghanistan
A lot has been happening behind the scenes with Friends of Afghanistan already this year.
Since we renewed our official NPCA group status in March, we have established the Friends of Afghanistan group as the largest Country of Service group on the new NPCA sponsored social network. If you have not yet joined that free service from NPCA, you should do so - you are missing out on a great opportunity to network with other returned Peace Corps Volunteers.
After you join Peace Corps Connect, be sure to take the next step and JOIN the Friends of Afghanistan group discussion page You will find many ways to participate in the activities of our group on this page. You can post links to your own photo albums or start a discussion of your favorite project.
I know that many of you have objected to the idea of joining a "social network" such as Facebook or Myspace. Peace Corps Connect is different from these others. You will find ways to reconnect with old friends and may even find a project that you want to participate in or support. I didn't join any of the social networks for several years. Now that I have been working with the new NPCA network for several months, I can recommend it to you without reservation. YOU WILL FIND SOMETHING TO INTEREST YOU on this site. I guarantee it!
Please take a minute and update your name and address record for our mailing list.
Read on to learn about several other new initiatives of Friends of Afghanistan.

-- Terry Dougherty

The Afghan Women's Writing Project
Masha Hamilton, an accomplished author and professor, has started an initiative to work with Afghan Women writers to prepare their stories for publication in English. This work has been done via an online classroom sponsored by SOLA: School of Leadership, Afghanistan and Friends of Afghanistan.
Masha has started two classes of six women each at this point. She plans to start a third class later this summer. She has a list of about 50 published authors who have signed up to work with the Afghan women. The online class is taught by one of these authors for a 4 week period and then is passed on to the next teacher. The student's essays are published to the Afghan Women's Writing Project blog by the teachers.
The online classroom was developed by Friends of Afghanistan's web master, Terry Dougherty, in cooperation with SOLA: School of Leadership, Afghanistan. Be sure to check out the Afghan Women's Writing Project blog.

Afghan Connections Blog

Think of a blog as a kind of new fangled news feed. In case you haven't visited it, here is the link to ours: http://afghanconnections.
Please send any stories or items of interest to our community to I will be happy to post them to the blog.
You will find connections to the blog and all our other online resources on our web site at:
We need helpers to work with our membership list and publications design. Contact us if you are interested in helping out in any capacity. Write to

The Buzz
Other NOTEWORTHY ACTIONS of Friends of Afghanistan so far this year include:
Friends of Afghanistan has purchased four computers and wireless network equipment to be delivered to SOLA: School of Leadership, Afghanistan this summer. This will provide for a Women's Internet Cafe in the SOLA women's dormitory. $2,000 worth of equipment will be hand carried to Afghanistan in June and July.
Our partnership with the Ochard Park New York "Schools and Futures" initiative for Afghan Schools has helped fund the development of the SOLA women's dormitory that is currently housing several girls and will soon become the center for SOLA's women's initiatives and internet cafe.
Partnerships with the Peter M. Goodrich Foundation, SOLA and SOLACE for the Children will lead to Friends of Afghanistan helping to expand a program that brings war injured Afghan children to the United States for free medical care. The first 38 of these children are scheduled to arrive in Charlotte, NC in June. Several of us plan to sponsor children in our cities next year. Watch for more news on this in the next edition of Afghan Connections, Online Newsletter.

Friends of Afghanistan
Executive Committee
Tony Agnello, President;
Nancy Cunningham, Vice President;
Terry Dougherty, FoA Publisher;
Winkie Campbell-Notar, Managing Editor, Afghan Connections.

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