Monday, June 22, 2009

Fwd: KIVA group members on LinkedIn

You might be interested in Kiva - a funding organization for Microfinance operations all over the world - including as of last week, the USA. Kiva provides funding for small ergo "micro" loans to startup businesses. In Afghanistan their funds are utilized by an organization managed by Oxfam. Visit for more information. Also, check out LinkedIn - another social network - this one used by business professionals.

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Free webinar for any Non Profit Organization.Learn how to create a continuous revenue stream through Shop To Fundraise. 0 comments »

Started by Jayson More, Vice President of Shop To Fundraise

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"Save The World" Photo Challenge 2 comments »

NEED magazine | June 10, 2009

Do you have a great image depicting "saving the world?" Submit it to NEED, the humanitarian magazine*. Your image will be shared on the blog of our new campaign; "screw the man - save the world." Top images will be selected to be displayed on the NE...

YouTube - - Adapting Business Practices to Address Social Issues vid 1 0 comments »

YouTube | June 10, 2009 founder, Jessica Flannery discusses her journey to the founding of at the 2008 Global Corporate Citizenship Conference at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Maria Shriver partners with Kiva and supports US Loans 3 comments »

Women's Conference | June 10, 2009

"Some days you just wake up with a feeling. There’s no explaining it, you just know that this day will be different. Not sure how, but different. In March of 2008, I had one of those days...."

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